9th December 2017 Katherine Rouse

Molly and Liam’s Ringwood Hall Wedding

A Ringwood Hall Wedding in the Sunshine

We travelled to Chesterfield for the stunning wedding of Molly and Liam at The exclusive Ringwood Hall Hotel, this venue is stunning, with vast expansive grounds that are landscaped to perfection.

Their wedding was co-odinated by the amazing Jen, this girl is fabulous and one of the best we have worked with over the years. But then equally the staff at Ringwood Hall were consummate professionals and helped us deal with the very hot day in an calm and efficient manner. It was a lovely experience to share the day with Molly and Liam and their fun loving guests at Ringwood Hall. These guys all enjoyed good fun Liam is a a tale of two sides full of banter with the lads but then soft caring and tentative with Molly a true traditional gent!

The sun was certainly shining down (Sharon even had to borrow sun cream from Kris the best man to avoid getting burnt).

The wedding took place outside in the stunningly dressed garden Pavilion followed by reception and evening celebrations in the equally beautifully dressed marquee. Molly wowed her guests in her exquisite lace dress and even their baby boy Riley got to join in with some photographs. Liam’s nerves were clear to see and he certainly wanted everything to be perfect for his Molly and perfect it was, these two are a a match made in heaven. There are certain images that you know will be spectacular from the instant you capture them. We were incredibly excited about some of the images from just a back of camera view from this wedding at Ringwood Hall, especially as they were captured at one of the least used locations at the venue, that’s not to say that we don’t love them all but they are some when you just know you nailed it!

Lots of love was shared that day and many memories were made.

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