Chris & Kim - The Crown Hotel

Weddings at Doncaster’s Exquisite Crown Hotel are always very special, a venue steeped in history and food that is so delicious you know you’re going to enjoy it just looking at it!

Kimberly contacted us around 18 months ahead of her special day, after meeting us at her sister in laws wedding she knew that she needed us to capture her the start of her happily ever after, after a brief meeting with both her and her lovely fiance Chris they confirmed their booking and both Sharon and I were delighted!

Chris is dapper, laid back and super chilled whilst Kimberly’s warm demenor shows her poise, elegance and loving heart. Their wedding was filled with lovely touches, and awash with stunning flowers which complemented the bridesmaids beautiful lemon dresses.

The Katherine Rouse Photography were delighted that they were given the opportunity to document this stunning Crown Hotel Wedding, and even more delighted at the lovely feedback we got from the happy couple!

Chris & Kim



“What is there to say other than AMAZING! These 2 ladies are not only amazing photographers but amazing people.
They have created memories for us that will last a life time.
These ladies become an important part of your day not just for taking photos but make you feel so calm,relaxed and special.
Highly recommend to anyone.
Thankyou so much Katherine & Sharon. Xxx”

Chris & Kim